Talia Chetrit
Self-portrait (Corey Tippin make-up #1)

Inkjet Print
Edition 4/4

9.84 × 13.98 in (24.99 × 35.51 cm)

Talia Chetrit is often her own subject. Her photographs explore what remains hidden in the practice and mechanisms of photography. Practicing fluidly between commercial commissions, personal work, and archival images, Chetrit’s work presents “consciously constructed interpretations of self-image in front of a camera.” For this self-portrait, Chetrit invited Corey Tippin, a prominent makeup artist within the 1970s New York scene to “experiment together."

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Exhibition History for
Self-portrait (Corey Tippin make-up #1)

  • Talia Chetrit, Amateur, MAXXI BVLGARI PRIZE, MAXXI – Museo delle Arti del XXI secolo, Rome, 2018
  • Talia Chetrit, Poser, Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf, 2017