Lumin Wakoa

oil on canvas, signed verso

14 × 11 in (35.56 × 27.94 cm)

Lumin Wakoa on Scull, 2020:

It begins to lose its name. What I’m really interested in is “seeing”. That is, looking at something close enough and long enough that it begins to dissolve and morph into namelessness. Once things lose their name, they are suddenly strange. The scale must be shifted, sometimes only a little. The marks must be fluid, almost haphazard. The way the paints moves must be first slow, then fast, also caressing. The paintings have to breath and wait, then be returned to again. Sometimes many times. A hallucination cracks open the world of signs, allows for perception without blinders. What we see is dazzling, everything is crawling with life and death simultaneously.